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Can depression is one of the example of enterteinment speech?


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    Depression is a condition

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    1. cause- he disagreed with all the other scientists if that time and their existing theories in the solar system

    effect- Galileo Galilee was considered as a heretic

    2. cause- John Steinbeck experienced the great American depression

    effect- his fiction concentrated on the effects of poverty on people

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    There’s no clear answer. Most experts think it can’t be prevented. Others aren’t sure.

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    Yes, in ways of having enough sleep, eating well, and exercising regularly. Reaching out to family and friends when times get hard. Get regular medical checkups, and see your provider if you don't feel right.

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    Depression doesn't kill you if the depression the hits hard people might think they wanna kill them self. Depression is a sadness that is very deep nor hard.

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    depression means everything to us, it may damage our confidence because of some problem that we encounter in our every day life.living is hard but i believe that we can survive if we don't let depression take over of our confidence

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    it can damage our self confidence and not just our self confidence but our personality too. It can damage it because when you are depressed you feel like you are worthless and you don't know how to solve those straggles so sometimes it may cause mental illness to the person who is depressed.

  • Réponse publiée par: taekookislifeu

    I don't think depression is an emotion but a mental illness.

    Emotion's are normal part of our lives as we respond to each situations.

    Meanwhile depression is a mood disorder  that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest.


    Anytime would be a time when a depressed person becomes unproductive

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    pero minsan sa mga news May maibabalita sila na dahil sa depresyon nag pakamatay cla

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    These are among the most common psychological and physical symptoms of clinical depression

    Feelings of helplessness or hopelessness


    Insomnia or restless sleep, or sleeping too much

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