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Recall your lesson on adverbs.
identify the adverbs in the following sentences.
1.teacher susan always advise us to study our lessons regularly.
2.in class she goes around and sees to it that we write neatly
and legibly.
3.the school principal talks softly to the pupils about their
4.the teachers were very happy to see the school children
dance gracefully.
5.after the program we were advised to walk carefully to our

use the key to corrections at the end of the module.​


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    tite ko malaki kasi sabi nila totoo daw sinukat ko 1000 inches pala

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    love, the nature of giving and sacrifice

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    B. pans

    because of the gravity of the earth
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    helping a indigenous people is have a good heart



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Recall your lesson on adverbs.identify the adverbs in the following sentences.1.teacher susan always...