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Where did we borrow the word cuisine, drink, and magazines


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    cuisine is sure originated in Spain the word 'Cuisine' is a Spanish word


    Spanish cuisine is heavily influenced by historical processes that shaped local culture and society in some of Europe's Iberian Peninsula territories. Geography and climate had great influence on cooking methods and available ingredients. These cooking methods and ingredients are still present in the gastronomy of the various regions that make up Spain. Spanish cuisine derives from a complex history where invasions and conquests of Spain have modified traditions which made new ingredients available. Thus, the current and old cuisine of Spain incorporates old and new traditions.

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    sun is the center of our solar system​


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    After the first fight that grendel lost against beowulf, beowulf takes grendel's claw (or arm? not sure) leaving him wounded, but then on the fight with grendel's mother, beowulf kills grendel along with his mother with an extraordinary sword. not to forget, beowulf takes grendel's head with him.
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Where did we borrow the word cuisine, drink, and magazines...