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Do you think sk (sangguniang kabataan ) organization is worth the fund of the government?


  • Réponse publiée par: kelly072
    Base on oed the answer is
    d. revising
  • Réponse publiée par: batopusong81
    Because daedalus help theseus to kill the minotaur and theseus escaped crete with ariadne (daughter of minos). minos enraged at the loss of his daughter, he shut daedalus and icarus in the labyrinth, knowing that theseus could not have accomplished the deed without inside help.
  • Réponse publiée par: saintjohn
    It is the basis of what will you be in the future
  • Réponse publiée par: taekookislifeu
    He didn't really wanted to let perseus live because of the oracle,perseus lived because of king acrisius's stupidity.king acrisius thought that the way to avoid his fate is to put his daughter and his grandson inside a chest and throw them into the sea.but the chest was discovered by a fisherman named dictys and so he treated perseus as his own for he was child less and that is the reason why perseus is still alive its all thanks to the stupidity of the king and the one who discovered(saw/saved) them the one and only dictys ^^
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Do you think sk (sangguniang kabataan ) organization is worth the fund of the government?...