He plunged into the water, adjective or adverb?


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    1. lawyer - communication is important between the lawyer and his client. to help him defend his side, the lawyer must have a proper conversation with the clients to plan things. if the defense of his side is successful. the client will not be charged

    2. teachers - communication is very important, because teaching is hard without speaking a single word. (unless for those who teaches deaf students)

    by having a connection with the students, the teacher can teach more and the students will learn more

    3. social workers - social workers have a very hard job. their job of taking care of those who are abused in different ways is not easy. communication is very important, because its gives the social worker and those who are abused a connection. social workers can comfort them and give them advices

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    hallo, kannst du diese übung bitte machen

    3) ergänze mit dem relativpronomen!

    1 das kaufe ,fährt schnell.

    2 die frau heute krank ist ,ist nett.

    3 der kommt,heißt alber.

    4 die lernen,sind intelligent.

    5 ich kaufe den mp3- gestern gesehen habe.

    6 siehst du das mä dem mann spricht ?

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He plunged into the water, adjective or adverb?...