Give atlest 3 topic for position paper. ​


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    sogie bill



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    1: what did baewulf go to heorot?

    answer is: to protect the kingdom of heorot and protect the king and warrior

    2: did he achieve his goal? prove your point?

    answer is: yes did he achieve the goal to king hroth gar

    3: what happen to grendel after the fight?

    answer is: grendel was died after the battle of baewulf and grendel

    4: what did king hrothgar do to baewulf

    answer is: give beawulf a award



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    He slays tybalt and leaves as the prince approaches. benvolio explains the fight to prince escalus who declares that because  romeo  has killed in revenge he will be  banishedfrom the city of  verona  rather than sentenced to death. after a secret night with juliet,  romeo  flees to mantua.
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Give atlest 3 topic for position paper. ​...