Iam a filipino 1. what is the essay about?


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    Its all about being hard-working person and resilient in life


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     •The essay is about how we love our country. Here are the list to love our country

    1.Respect your elders at all times, you take good care of your parents and grandparents  as they grow older and try to be with them always.

    2.Maintain Close Family Ties – Try to be with your family as much as you can. Give them the love and support you can offer.

    3.Always trust in God– Pray regularly and thank Him for all the blessings that He has bestowed upon you.

    4. Practice Bayanihan – Help and support your neighbors and community by making it a better place to live in.

    5.Be Patient and Optimistic – Remain calm whenever you have problems. Don't lose your  hope and look at the brighter side of things during difficult times you encontered.

    6.Have Utang na Loob – If someone has helped you in your hour of need, help him back in anyway you can.  be there at all times and don’t expect anything in return.

    7.Practice Pakikisama – Maintain peace by having harmonious relationships with your friends, family and colleagues. Try to undesrtand their bad traits and appreciate their good qualities.

    8. Be Hospitable –  Be friendly and generous when receiving guests. Entertaining people you have just met will show how warm-hearted we Filipinos are.

    9.Be resourceful and creative –Try to make do with what you have.  Develop your skills in inventing new things that can make your life easier at home or at work.

    10.Respect Women – Show respect to all women whether at home, or in other places.  They deserve as much respect as our elders.

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    Title: what's siblings for?
    there was once a siblings named yashi and elijah. then a minute pass and decided to talk to him and say that "she comes to the end that she wanted to give up for all the things and situation". then elijah response to her sister, " why tell about it? it makes me feel sad". maybe you just tell it, but not sure about it. but it paused there when a dog comes nearly to them and stops their sincere talk. they weren't able to continue their talk at that point. the owner of the dog came, and apologize for disturbing the siblings. then yashi came back to the kitchen to continue washing dishes. elijah comes after and ask her, "don't you wanna tackled about what do you mean by saying that a few minutes ago? ". "i am hear to listen and to help you, my sister". he added. then yashi cryingly face her brother and give him a tight hug. "i didn't know what to do, i don't know why i tell that, and i'm scared of what will happened next". she cries. elijah says "what siblings are for? if you just struggling on it alone, share it with me and let me help you make things lightly flow". and then the two siblings put their trust on each other and fight for the challenge of life together. the end : )
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    1. letter a because in qualitative research, you tend to use your observing skills and your senses (just a guess)
    2. (im not sure) maybe b because in quantitative rsrch, you need the exact and the true data
    3. letter a because quantitative rsrch needs to be exact and accurate
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