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Identify as to what sense the following sentences appeal to. write whether they appeal to the sense of sight, hearing, smell, taste, or touch. romeo, i come! this do i drink to thee.


  • Réponse publiée par: jasminsexy

    The described sense in the short dialogue presented is about the sense of sight. The text was a little too short to fully describe the sense but the most that stood out is the sense of sight. The person is taking the vial and going to bed he needed to drink it and so in conclusion you can’t do all those things without seeing what was handed to you.

    It didn’t actually describe the taste of the liquor handed to the person. It also didn’t give any thing that says about hearing anything. But then again it can be the sense of touch.  

    Examples of the sense of sight:

    That man with the long white beard that is standing next to the flag pole. Those white boxes were meant to be recycled and put next to the green bottles. She could’ve got the red shiny sequenced bag instead of that beige leather.

    Other senses:

    Do not eat the green stuff it tastes like raw grass (Taste) The sculptor used marble you can tell just by touching the smooth surface (Touch) This fragrance resembles young roses and sweet honey (Smell) Tell them to stop thumping so loud, this house is way too old for that (Hearing)

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    The sense that was most described throughout the text is Hearing. As read from the text it mostly describes sounds from the roaring bears till the reeky shanks. These all described how the surroundings that persona is hearing at that current moment. Most stories likes to describe every detail that the main character is experiencing to let the readers become part of the story itself.

    Examples of describing the sense of hearing:

    Loud banging of the door The rustles from the bushes The Cicadas song when it’s night Soft and calming singing of the mermaids

    Examples of other senses:

    A tall and rusty old tower (Sight) It feels a lot like sand more than rusts (Touch) That berry sure was sour the opposite of its color (Taste)

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Identify as to what sense the following sentences appeal to. write whether they appeal to the sense...