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What is the rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution of the story the centipede by rony diaz?


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    They are a part of the plot sequence


    Try to look at some textbooks Rony Diaz

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    1. Eddie

    2. Delia

    3. Berto

    4. Biryuk the dog

    6. The father

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    1. Why did Delia like to torment her brother?

    2. What is the symbolism of the dog licking blood?

    3. Delia is cruel to animals, and their father enjoys hunting. Why do you think Eddie is different?

    4. Was Eddie justified in doing the centipede prank on Delia? Why or why not?

    5. Did Eddie actually want to kill Delia?

    Hope this helps!

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    One day Eddie saw his sister beating his dog with a stick, he felt hate like a caged, angry beast in his chest. He could not cry to his sister because she had a weak heart. He recalled the things his sister did to him. 

    For Eddie, his sister, Delia was the meanest creature he knew. He remembered when he was furiously hit by his sister when she learned that the leg of her doll was accidentally torn by him. 

    Nothing Eddie did ever pleased her. Destroying willfully anything he liked had become a habit for her. She even told Berto to kill his monkey because it snickered at her one morning, while she was brushing her teeth. 

    Eddie did not tell anything when she told Father that she did not like Eddie's pigeon house because it stank and he had to give away his pigeons and Berto had to chop the house into kindling wood. 

    He learned how to hold himself because he knew they had to put up with her whims to keep her calm and quiet. But when she dumped his butterflies into a waste can and burned them in the backyard, he realized that she was spiting him. 

    Eddie got a big centipede that Berto found under the stack he chopped. He made sure that it was dead and placed it in a white cloth. 

    He unwrapped and threw it on the lap of his sister whom he hated so much. His sister collapsed. Her voice dragged off into a painstaking moan. 

    Eddie was engulfed by a sudden feeling of pity and guilt. He cried kneeling before her, telling her that the centipede was dead

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    Isang araw nakita ni Eddie ang kanyang kapatid na pinapalo ang kanyang aso ng isang patpat nadama niya ang poot na tulad ng isang nakulong, galit na hayop sa kanyang dibdib. Hindi siya maaaring umiyak sa kanyang kapatid dahil siya ay may mahinang puso. Naalala niya ang mga bagay na ginawa ng kapatid niya sa kanya.Para sa Eddie, ang kanyang kapatid na babae, si Delia ang pinakamaliit na nilalang na alam niya. Naalala niya kapag napigilan siya ng kanyang kapatid kapag natutunan niya na ang paa ng kanyang manika ay sinasadyang napunit niya.Walang kailanman si Eddie ang nasisiyahan sa kanya. Ang pagsira ng sadyang anumang gusto niya ay naging isang ugali para sa kanya. Sinabi pa nga niya kay Berto na patayin ang kanyang unggoy dahil ito ay nag-snickered sa kanya isang umaga, habang pinutol niya ang kanyang mga ngipin.Hindi alam ni Eddie ang anumang bagay nang sabihin niya kay Ama na hindi niya gusto ang bahay ng kalapati ni Eddie dahil ito ay stank at kailangan niyang ibigay ang kanyang mga pigeons at kinain ni Berto ang bahay sa pagsingit ng kahoy. Natutunan niya kung paano hawakan ang kanyang sarili dahil alam niya na kailangan nilang ilagay sa kanyang mga whims upang panatilihing kalmado at tahimik siya. Ngunit nang dumped niya ang kanyang mga butterflies sa isang basura maaari at sinusunog ang mga ito sa likod-bahay, siya na natanto na siya ay spiting sa kanya. Nakakuha si Eddie ng isang malaking alupwat na natagpuan ni Berto sa ilalim ng stack na tinadtad niya. Tinitiyak niya na patay na ito at inilagay ito sa isang puting tela. Binalot niya at itinapon ito sa kandungan ng kanyang kapatid na kinasusuklaman niya nang labis. Bumagsak ang kanyang kapatid. Ang kanyang tinig ay nag-drag sa isang maingat na halinghing. Si Eddie ay nabagbag sa isang biglaang pakiramdam ng awa at pagkakasala. Siya ay sumigaw na lumuhod sa harap niya, na sinasabi sa kanya na patay na ang centipede.

    Sana Tama YAn

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    The story of the centipede is about the how Eddie's sister shows harshness over complaining about the things Eddie does. The time when he came home and saw his butterfly collection thrown hitting Biryuk, the reason why his sister does this is because they think his sister wanted some attention.

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    Because people are close to each other, it's so easy to talk and talk about things not just about them but also about other people. And for this reason the stories spread more and more to more people. And it may not be true most of the time. One of these stories is The Centipede wrote by  Rony V. Diaz. The characters here are Eddie, Delia, Berto, Biryuk, the dog, and the father.
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    Delia died from having a heart attack because of the centipede that is being thrown to her. It triggered her attack because she is not allowed to feel shock 'coz it might lead to her death—which happened. That's the possible ending.
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    Eddie >main character
    Delia > Eddie's sister
    Biryuk >the lost dog Eddie found while hunting
    Berto > one of the workmen for the family
    Father > Eddie's and Delia's dad
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    Eddie and julia have opposite characteristics and attitude
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What is the rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution of the story the centipede by rony...