What are the qualities of a good research


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    4. but


    6. the

    7. do

    9. mangoes

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    1.address (to speak to)/address (location)
    2.air (oxygen)/air (a lilting tune)
    3.band (a musical group)/band (a ring)
    4.bark (a tree’s out layer)/bark (the sound a dog makes)
    5.current (up to date)/current (flow of water)
    6.die (to cease living)/die (a cube marked with numbers one through six)
    7.fair (equitable)/fair (beautiful)
    8.kind (type)/kind (caring)
    9.lie (to recline)/lie (to tell a falsehood)
    10.match (to pair like items)/match (a stick for making a flame)

    *the reason why i answered this question is to proved everyone; whether you don't know who is the person who asks helped from you don't hesitate to give some attention enable for us to be social oriented and help each other.
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    Basahin   mo muna..tapos alam mo na yun
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