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  • Hi pa sagot ng tama;)Susumpain ko mga kalokohan la...

Hi pa sagot ng tama;)
Susumpain ko mga kalokohan lang binibigay;)


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    1. because the first major revolution against the spaniards was waged in vigan

    2. because vigan is home to several ancestral houses that have been transformed into museums. together, they create a massive and extensive historical collection from the spanish period.

    3. because vigan has produced some of the great minds in history such as leona florentino who was recognized as the first filipina poet who achieved international recognition.

    there's more reasons here:

    hope it helps

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    Infinitives are base form of verbs; it is the basic from of verb. it often comes before the particle that function as noun, adjective or adverb but not as the main verb.   infinitives can function as noun, adjective, or adverb and it is formed by using "to" + the verb.these are examples of infinitives in romeo and juliet act: to move is to stir; and to be valiant is to stand. (from gregory, act 1)to wield old partisans, in hands as old (from the prince)to hear true shrift. come, madam, let's away. (montague)
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    Yes because in persuasive speech is where you put all the important information that you want to persuade that will lead to the audience in realization.
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    titwng lamig na walang pipe






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Hi pa sagot ng tama;)Susumpain ko mga kalokohan lang binibigay;)...