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    if i were the in any i will do the same thing. why? because turtle is slowly but surely. they may not fast in land but in sea they were fast. it reflect to us human that we need to havee patience in order to be successful. we are bad at some things but we are good in different areas in life.there is no shortcuts in life. we need to go whatever it takes. nobody can stop just do !

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    in everyday life, we are witnessing today the disastrous consequences of over-specialization, of our narrowed vision. the industrialist who concerns himself only with the setting up of his factory irrespective of the pollution of the environment, the research scientist wanting to pursue new knowledge and professional success irrespective of the consequences of his discoveries, the medical doctor who concerns himself with treating the body of a patient without concerning himself with his psyche, the educationist who concerns himself only with the success of his students at the examinations, the leader who propagates popular illusions in order to ensure a following, the so-called religious man who does propaganda for his own particular beliefs, are all acute examples of the consequences of a severely limited vision. it has made man regard aggressiveness in furthering his own cause to be a virtue. he has come to implicitly accept that self-interest is the only motivation on which society can be based, though he sees that it is the single most destructive factor in society. our life today abounds in such contradictions. we encourage ruthless competition on the one hand and preach universal love on the other. we reward and worship success, though we talk of respecting all human beings as equals. even religion has been reduced to a comforting, utilitarian ritual.

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    What makes a person happy? when that persons want or needs is attained.
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