Ano po ba ang gender discrimination at ano po ang halimbawa nito?


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    Ang gender discrimination ay pangmamaliit o pang-aapi sa isang tao dahil sa kasarian niya. Halimbawa minaliit kunwari ng isang sundalo ang kabaro niya na lampa ito at peste sa lipunan dahil nga napag-alaman niyang bakla ang kanyang kabaro.

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    first of all, let me correct that sentence of yours so you can walk away learning something: why is it difficult to sleep and have appetite on breakfast?

    as per why i did , we're in site's all about academia but mostly about homework.

    now the answer to your question is: i don't know. there's a lot to consider as to why you cannot sleep, and why you're having a hard time eating breakfast.

    you could have consider these things before asking, take notes while you're at it:

    1. if you cannot sleep, you either have anxiety and/or have depression. you have a psychological problem, in short.

    2. if you cannot sleep. and so you didn't sleep, then you really have problems. try asking or consulting your parents, your elder siblings, or just ask google. also not sleeping will make you acidic, meaning your stomach's not gonna try anything to help consume what you eat but make you throw up, or vomit. it's called bile reflux (correct me if i'm wrong). that's why you do not have an appetite for breakfast.

    3. the problem that you're having is common for people who are having a lot of thoughts. and thoughts produced by your own mind, is basically not something that could just be read by someone else, much less in the internet. and that is why i want you to consider these first before asking because it's too much of a vague question. it's not something to answer immediately without much thought to consider. so please at least build a foundation as a basis for your question. that way other people could answer without too much to consider or think about, you'll benefit both from it.

    ayos na ba yan par?

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    Ang pagpapakopya sa kanya ng pinaghirapan mo at pambubully sa kanya
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Ano po ba ang gender discrimination at ano po ang halimbawa nito?...