Isda sumisimbolo sa pagkatao.


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    parang ikaw mukha kang isda.


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    i dont know why your answer is complicated but i think i found something similar

    the waray people are a subgroup of the visayan people whose primary language is the waray language (also called lineyte-samarnon), an austronesian language native to the islands of samar, leyte and biliran, which together comprise the eastern visayas region of the philippines. waray people inhabit the whole island of samar where they are called samareños/samarnons, the northern part of the island of leyte where they are called leyteños, and the island of biliran. on leyte island, the waray people occupy the northern part of the island, separated from the cebuano language-speaking leyteños by a mountain range in the middle of the island.

    on the island of biliran, waray-waray-speaking people live on the eastern part of the island facing the island of samar; their waray-waray dialect is commonly referred to as biliranon. on the island of ticao, which belongs to the province of masbate in the bicol region, waray-waray-speaking people live on most parts of the island; they are commonly referred to as ticaonon. however, the ticaonon have more affinity with the masbateño-speaking people of masbate, being their province-mates. the bicolano language has more common vocabulary with the waray-waray language than with other visayan languages (i.e. cebuano or ilonggo). the belief is that the more money showered upon them, the more blessings will come their way. the culture is basically visayan. the waray-waray are often stereotyped as brave warriors, as popularized in the tagline, “basta ang waray, hindi uurong sa away” (waray never back down from a fight.) hin or hiton) good morning (noon / afternoon / evening): maupay nga aga (udto / kulop / gab-i) thank you: salamat. i love you: hinihigugma ko ikaw or ginhihigugma ko ikaw or pina-ura ta ikaw.


    will this solve your

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