Ano ibig sabihin ng filipino sa domeyn ng isports?


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    pilipinas - noli me tangere, el filibusterismo (jose rizal)

    myanmar - letters from burma (aung san suu kyi)

    singapore - if we dream too long (goh poh seng)

    thailand - sightseeing (rattawut lapcharoensap)

    vietnam -  the sorrow of war  (bảo ninh)

    brunei -  a photographic guide to birds of borneo (chew yen fook,  g. w. h. davison)

    cambodia -  sophat (rim kin)

    indonesia -  this earth of mankind (pramoedya ananta toer)

    malaysia  -  the malay dilemma (mahathir mohamad)


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    Not sure, though. i think pwede "mundo'y naakit" or "mundo'y namulat". just my suggestions
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    well more or less, it means somewhat the same as " the more you give, the more you receive." like if magbibigay ka ng pera o mga blessing sa iba, dumami yung blessings na umaabot sa iyo or something like that (hindi ako marunong sa tagalog sorry )

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