Advocacy about environmental issues


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    Advocacy is about influencing people, policies, structures and systems in order to bring about change. It is about communicating with those in power and persuading them to act in more just and equitable ways. ... be appropriate to address the problem through advocacy work.

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    nasaan po yung tanong?

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    There are many reasons why family argue.first because of financial problem, we all that nowadays money is one of the most important things. money use to buy pur basic needs like food,clothes and shelter. we all know that other parents argue because they don't have enough money to buy things they want and for the needs of their children. second problem is distribution of task . in a family there must be a good distribution of works in order to maintain good family.emotional problems for me this is the common problem in the family nowadays. many teenagers and children don't open to their parents. sometimes even we are pressure, fell down, feel useless and etc. we don't talk or share to out parents because we are afraid. when they notice that, they angry to us but they don't know what we feel so because of that other teenagers nowadays become separated from their family. so for me these are reason why family argue because sometimes we are not open minded,and we expect a lot for one person and if they can't do that it starts to a agrue between you and that person.

    family is our first home, were we learn our firsts. our parents is our one and best teacher , so for me whatever problems a family encounter , i believe that they can pass it by helping each other,loving each other and supporting each other. yes, many problems can make us feel down but remember your family is always there for you. everything has an end. friend,boyfriend, girlfriend and etc but family ends in ily which means i love you.
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Advocacy about environmental issues...