Paiisang dibdi nina tenyong at julia


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    answer: i serge mo nlng ahah

    explanation: ewan

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    because some people don't believe in love.   if one believes in love, one is tries to be good, kind, selfless and caring.

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    in making a speech especially for running for psg president. you must to make it short and direct to the point. because if you talk so long. the audience will not listen to you. (it is just only my opinion)

    hi! i'm (name)! running for psg president in (year level). so! all of you are wondering of why do we do this. haha! as a student like you. you must to think of what are the outcome do we do in to our school. that's why we are here to need your help to vote me as a psg president to our school. because i have many helpful plans to do in our school. because being a psg president, i'll make sure that our school will have a peace and clean area not like the other school. because there are some cases, like dengue.. if we dont clean our school, how do we know if there are some stocks of water in any area that it might cause of breeding of mosquitoes.. and also, cleaning the school makes the area still fresh and avoid from stinky and disgusting garbages.

    (ask them: do you want our like garbages? )

    "if they"re not responding, clap your hand twice and repeat the question.)

    and they response: yes!

    so vote me as a psg president. and remember "vote wisely"

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    Dahil ang mga matataas ang katungkulan o ang mga mayayaman ay nasa ibabaw ng bapor habang ang mga indio naman ehh nasa baba , sa tabi ng mga bagahe .
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