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What is your favorite quotation about sportmanship why


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    My favorite quotation of sportsmanship is "win or lose, do it fairly" because it doesn't matter if you lose, what matters is that you tried your best. Sportsmanship is about fairness and giving your efforts so it's better to be fair than to cheat.

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    "Everyone is a genius"


    Everyone has a different ability or particular "genius." Often, comparing yourself to someone else's abilities might mean overlooking what it is you are naturally more suited towards doing. In other words, stop being a fish trying to climb a tree and embrace your fishiness.

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    "The fire's shooting at us!"

    from The Office (Fire Drill Scene)

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    Gagawin mo yan mag isa.

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    Success is not the key to happiness

    Happiness is the key to success

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    That should be answer by your own.

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    Ikaw po dapat magsabu kasi you own faborite quotation nga po eh
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What is your favorite quotation about sportmanship why...