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Why is it important to know the classifications of drugs?


  • Réponse publiée par: kurtiee

    First of all,  we must answer the question: how are drugs classified anyways?

    Drugs are classified based on their use, characteristics, chemical effects, dangers, and others. By classifyiung drugs, medical professionals will have an easier time prescribing medicine to their patient due to the simple fact that it is already listed in a neat, but long list.

    And since they're somewhat related to each other, some medical professionals will also be able to distinguish which medicine to apply in a situation where medical and medicinal supplies are scarce.

  • Réponse publiée par: ShairaGailSanchez


    So you know which drugs are safe and which are not safe.


  • Réponse publiée par: 123gra

    cuz some of them can have chemicals that can harm our bodies


    ex. mixture+food coloring food coloring can sometimes have bad chemicals in them

    hope u found my answer helpful ;)

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    to know the important skills

  • Réponse publiée par: nelspas422


    it is important to know the classification of tools, materials, equipment in drawing to learn how Express your skills

  • Réponse publiée par: hannahleigh


    So when u get to use it you will know what to do and wont get hurt

  • Réponse publiée par: Jelanny

    It is Important if you had salad ingredients in your home you can make a salad without buying online

  • Réponse publiée par: nelgelinagudo

    It is important so that you will know if when and where's that specific carpentry tools and materials will be use

  • Réponse publiée par: 09389706948

    So that it will be nice and neat to see. Must know the importance of classification of nail care tools so that we can easily named though we know few .

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Why is it important to know the classifications of drugs?...