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Distribution of contraceptives in public schools


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    Put a first aid kit, and don't ever go outside forever.. just go to your bed and that's it
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    How to become a strong person?Exercise daily and eat nutritious foods.Cut ties with toxic people in your life.Accept constructive criticism.Ignore destructive criticism.


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    Thoughts on emotional well being.


    Health is not just on physical unlike what we knew but also has an aspect in mental and emotional. Like pain in physical we have different pain tolerance but in emotional state we have different reactions to scenarios and different stages of acceptance. Knowing some of the signs and symptoms that may imply an unhealthy emotional being, we as co-humans should have support system so that each of us will be guided and comforted. This support of our family and friends can play a great role to prevent harmful events of emotional health like suicide or self- destruction scenarios. Asking someone how he/she is, is already a great way to know what is the person feeling, or how they take the events happening in their lives.

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Distribution of contraceptives in public schools...