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Alcohol is one of the most commonly used and abused drugs? agree or disagree


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    It is one of the most commonly used drugs because consumption is legal (as an adult). Alcohol also has a traditional aspect in some cultures, despite the negative impact on mental and physical health.

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    FOOD SANITATION ON PROVISION OF FOOD SANITATION AND ENOUGH WATER SUPPLYSchool canteen are established to supply the students the proper nutrition through safety, healthy but affordable foods however school should also be aware that they need safe hygienic sanitary facilities.Yes. Our canteen has a provision of food and sanitation and enough water supply because our canteen is promoting health through prevention of human contact diseases and dirt.Our canteen is applying safety precautions and proper hygiene in food through hygienic matters such as water, air and food.One of the reasons why they are very concern about sanitation is to prevent the spread of diseases such as water-borne diseases and foodborne diseases.

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    Subject: Health

    Healthy Lifestyle


    In order to have a solution in health problem, we start in myself to eat nutritious food, and also I recommend to be a vegetarian diet.  In many cases, flesh eater is dangerous, it brings many disease such as the following;  

    1.Bad cholesterol

    2.High blood pressure



    For more information related about the topic, please open the link below

    The topic is about vegetarian diet :


    The topic is about How to have a healthy lifestyle:

    The topic is about Where it is the time to start having a healthy lifestyle:


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Alcohol is one of the most commonly used and abused drugs? agree or disagree...