Ano ang nagawa ni draco sa athens


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    He replaced the prevailing system of oral law and blood feud by a written code to be enforced only by a court of law. Draco was the first democratic legislator, requested by the Athenian citizens to be a lawgiver for the city-state, but the citizens were fully unaware that Draco would establish laws[1] characterized by their harshness.

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    The Philippines has had 6 constitutions

    The 5 constitutions started with the country's independence in 1898:

    The 1899 Malolos Constitution (1899-1901)

    The 1935 Constitution (1935-1943, 1945-1973)

    The 1943 Constitution (1943-1945)

    The 1973 Constitution (1973-1986)

    The 1987 Constitution (1987-present)

    The 1973 Constitution, according to former Aquino spokesman Teodoro Locsin Jr, was never ratified as the process conducted by then president Ferdinand Marcos Jr met strong opposition.

    The Aquino government had 3 options with regard to the law of the land:

    To revert to the 1935 Constitution. But because Marcos abolished the bicameral legislature they had to resort to general elections.

    To retain the 1973 Constitution and be granted the power to make reforms. This was shot down by Aquino as "she did not want to derive legitimacy and power from the very institutions that she fought."

    To start anew and break from the "vestiges of a disgraced dictatorship."

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    Around 200 locally recruited colonial troops and laborers rose up in the belief that it would elevate to a national uprising. The mutiny was unsuccessful, and government soldiers executed many of the participants and began to crack down on a burgeoning Philippines nationalist movement.

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