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What are the contribution of ferdinand marcos in the philippines?


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    He built the famous San Juanico Bridge to Samar-Leyte as a gift for her wife.

    Also, he built a nuclear power plant in Bataan and was sadly ceased the operation by President Corazon Aquino

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    kumain ng masustansyang pagkain tulad ng gulay at Prutas at matulog ng maaga. Unawain ng mabuti ang leksyon na napag aaralan sa Eskwelahan.

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    Ultimately we need to learn how to make peace and establish justice, not by adopting the terrorist methods of the criminals, but by protecting everyone’s rights, learning how to share our wealth rather than merely exploit people, and trust in democratic institutions that recognize the votes of all. We need a steady process of disarmament with very careful inspection so that no individual, group, or state can terrorize other people. Finally, we need a democratic world government that can enforce law fairly for all, not a group of powerful nations imposing their selfish will with national military forces.


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