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Explain the issue in the article in court of appeals to pcc : keep off p70-b telco deal​


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    the meat industry


    cattle no longer needed to be transproted to be butchered and salt didn't get used for preserving the meat so it was higher quality.

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    Bitamina C, B6, Potassium, at Manganese.


    Iba't-ba ang uri ng mga patatas at mayroon ang bawat isa ng iba't ibang nutrisyon.

    Ang isang 173grams na baked Russet potato, kasama ang balat, ay mayroon ng mga sumusunod na nutrisyon:

    Calories: 168Fat: 0 gramsProtein: 5 gramsCarbs: 37 gramsFiber: 4 gramsSodium: 24 milligramsVitamin C: 37% of the RDIVitamin B6: 31% of the RDIPotassium: 27% of the RDIManganese: 20% of the RDI

    Maraming Carbs at Fiber ang patatas, pati na rin ang bitamina C, B6, Potassium, at Manganese. Ang paraan ng pagluto nang patatas ay nakaka-apekto din sa nutrisyong makukuha ng katawan. Halimbawa ay tumataas ang Fats kapag prito ang pagluluto na ginamit sa patatas.

    Ang kahulugan ng RDI ay Reference Daily Intake. Ang katumbas nito sa Pilipinas ay Recommended Energy and Nutrient Intakes (RENI) and Philippine Dietary Reference Intakes (PDRI).

    Makikita sa Link na ito ang halimbawa ng RENI at PDRI:

    A food label shows Vitamin D with 15% next to it. What does 15% represent?

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    Anaxagoras was an ancient Greek Pre-Socratic philosopher who developed theories on the substance and the formation of the universe. Anaxagoras was born circa 500 BCE into an aristocratic family in Clazomenae (modern day Turkey). He later moved to Athens, Greece, in order to further pursue philosophy.

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    The first Chairperson of the Philippine Executive Commission is Jorge Vargas


    The Philippine Executive Commission was established during World War 2. During that time, the Philippines are under the Japanese Occupation and the country has no official government to do official functions and responsibilities. The Philippine Executive Commission, headed by Jorge Vargas was instituted and tasked to forefront the assumption of government functions here in the Philippines.

    Jorge Vargas was a businessman, philanthropist and a civic leader. Before becoming the chairperson of the commission, he was the acting secretary of the Department of National Defense under the Quezon administration.

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Explain the issue in the article in court of appeals to pcc : keep off p70-b telco deal​...