Is there a biased and prejudiced in history?


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    in japanese history they are absolutely no bad history while in our philippines history.

    they pretty much do ruckus like sex slave with the women they get..


    sometimes nsa do this too

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    yes, and it was normal due to us being biased in one way or another. like how also the news and media being biased with information they convey. everything is biased, really. but that is because we are also the ones being bias with knowledge or information we hold. history being biased is mostly found describing with our supposedly heroes or in patriotic events. because it would convey something or wake something for that specific group of people while the other group of people would see right through it that it could not be what exactly had happened. history should not be describe as facts because even with its chronological exact dates and right names, they cannot record anything the exact scenes of what actually happened or describe someone with their only good qualities when writers only wrote as something they see outside.

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    Francisco mercado rizal
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