Identify the language register used: journals


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    11. Health and Nutrition

    12. Electrical Engineering

    13. Economic

    14. Science

    15. Law/Constitution

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    Deliver the lines from the dialogue and determine the language register used as frozen,
    casual, consultative, formal, or intimate.
    6. (Wife to Husband)
    Hi honey, how was your day?
    - Great. We got a lot done. And yours?
    - Fine, but stressful. Pass me that magazine, please.
    - Here you go.
    7. (Friend to Friend)
    - Hi Charlie, can you give me a hand?
    - Sure Peter. What's up?
    - I can't get this to work.
    Why don't you try to use a screwdriver?
    8. (Superior to Subordinate)
    - Excuse me, Peter. We seem to be having a problem with the de la Cruz account. We'd
    better get together to discuss the situation.
    - That's a good idea Ms. Dominguez, would 4 o'clock suit you?
    9. (Recited by everybody)
    We, the athletes representing the different athletic units in the School Sports Program of the
    Division of Escalante City, do hereby declare that we are amateurs and do pledge ourselves to
    compete in this game in the spirit of true sportsmanship, so guide us Lord.
    10. (Introducing between two strangers)
    Richard, I'd like you to meet my friend Roy. He's my roommate in college.
    - Roy, I would like to introduce my boyfriend Richard.
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Identify the language register used: journals...