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Me to answer this. the degree of f(x) = x2 + x3 + x4.​


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    Step-by-step explanation:

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    In a conversation or you may also regard it as a discussion for a much formal sense, is when two people are exchanging words in a way that they can reach to an understanding or relating to each other. The flow of the conversation depends also in your relationship with the receiver or the other person, like for example if you are to address your boss you use honorifics such as Mister or Sir/ Madam or Mrs .  

    The degree of formality is the way you are to speak, the tone, choice of words towards another person.  

    The Degrees/ Levels of Formality:

    Formal- most applicable when addressing someone of higher status or position may it be in business or in family. Speaking with the sense of formality, engaging respect throughout the conversation.

    Semi-Formal- applicable if the other person is of close relations to you, the in between of the levels of formality. You can converse with ease but at the same time considering a boundary between you and the other person.  

    Informal- you can converse using colloquial language/informal. Somewhat without a huge boundary preventing you from opening up or giving our personal ideas and thoughts to someone.


    The Degree of Formality to be used is Formal. Teacher and student relationships are often formal, for a teacher provides proper guidance and learning in an academic sense to the student and the student is the one who receives knowledge and disciplines that only a teacher can provide. The teacher can also be regarded as second parent of a child, therefore using formalities and formal language is more than acceptable.  

    Considering that by comparison the teacher is to be superior to the student.  

    For Example:

    You were asked by your teacher to stay behind to talk about you academic records.

    You as a student will use Formal Language, because the one you are conversing to is of superior standing.


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    Given Data:

    v1 = 2L                                       v2= 1L

    T1 = 27 + 273 = 300K                T2 = ? unknown    

    P1 = 100 pascal                          P2 = 50  pascal


    V1P1/T1 = V2P2/T2

    T2 = 1 × 50 × 300 / 100 × 2

    T2 = 15, 000 K  / 200

    T2 = 75 Kelvin

    Convert the answer kelvin to degree celsius by subtracting 273

    Degree celsius = 75 - 273

    Degree Celsius = - 198

    Hope it helps

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    A certain mass of a gas occupies 2 litres at 27 degree Celsiusand 100 Pascal find the temperature when the volume and pressure becomes half of the initial value.

    Note: the final answer is -198 degree celsius

    We have the following information:  

    V1 (initial volume) = 2 L

    V2 (final volume) = 2*(1/2)  = 1 L

    T1 (initial temperature) = 27 ºC (in Kelvin)

    TK = TC + 273 → TK = 27 + 273 → TK = 300

    T1 (initial temperature) = 300 K

    T2 (final temperature) = ? (in Kelvin)

    P1 (initial pressure) = 100 Pa (in atm)

    1 Pa ----------- 9.87*10^{−6} atm

    100 Pa --------- y atm

    y = 100*9.87*10^{−6}

    y ≈ 0.000987 atm → P1 (initial pressure) ≈ 9.87*10^{-4} atm

    P2 (final pressure) = 100*(1/2) = 50 Pa (in atm)

    1 Pa ----------- 9.87*10^{−6} atm

    50 Pa -------- y atm

    y = 50*9.87*10^{−6}

    y ≈ 0.0004935 atm → P2 (final pressure) ≈ 4.935*10^{-4} atm

    ***Note: In SI the pressure can be mmHg or atm

    Now, we apply the data of the variables above to the General Equation of Gases, let's see:

    \dfrac{P_1*V_1}{T_1} =\dfrac{P_2*V_2}{T_2}

    \dfrac{9.87*10^{-4}*2}{300} =\dfrac{4.935*10^{-4}*1}{T_2}

    \dfrac{1.974*10^{-3}}{300} =\dfrac{4.935*10^{-4}}{T_2}

    multiply the means by the extremes

    1.974*10^{-3}*T_2 = 300*4.935*10^{-4}

    1.974*10^{-3}\:T_2 = 0.14805

    T_2 = \dfrac{0.14805}{1.974*10^{-3}}

    \boxed{T_2 = 75\:K}

    Note: If the question wants the answer in Celsius, then we have:

    T\ºC = TK - 273

    T\ºC = 75 - 273

    \boxed{\boxed{T\ºC = - 198}}\end{array}}\qquad\checkmark


    I Hope this helps, greetings ... Dexteright02! =)

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    ora oxeriqn vote oxeria

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    The question means what integer is less than zero by ten degrees. In a number line consisting of negative and positive integers, we move the point from zero to left ten times. The left side before zero is all negative, while the right side after zero is positive. Since we moved to the left, we will have a negative number. and since we moved to the left side ten times, we have the answer of –10.
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