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  • Arrange the decimals from least to greastest 0.01,...

Arrange the decimals from least to greastest 0.01,0.12,0.026,0.019,0.02​


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    0.026 , 0.19 , 0.12 , 0.02 , 0.01

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    • statistics is a set of methods that are used to

    collect, analyze, present, and interpret data.

    • statistical methods are used in a wide variety of

    occupations and help people identify, study, and

    solve many complex problems. in the education,

    business and economic world, these methods

    enable decision makers and managers to make

    informed and better decisions about uncertain


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    sana makatulong ito

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    answer:simple lang magaral ka ng maayos,gawin mo yung best mo,tsaka isipin mong hindi lang para sa magulang ko to para narin sa sarili ko...ganon lang yun kadali para sakin..pero kung gusto mo dapat paghirapan mo.

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Arrange the decimals from least to greastest 0.01,0.12,0.026,0.019,0.02​...