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M⁸-n⁸-2m⁶n²+2n⁶m² answer that question​


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    jasmine has a 5 big basket with 145 atises in a basket and 8 small baskets with 75 atises in a basket and 200 atises were sold. where dk we get the 200 atises ? ,i hope it helps you

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    i'm confused with your question, first of all it seems that your statement is missing a little details, like how many dogs she's walking? but if that's not the case and your teacher tells you that you can put any number of dogs then here's the equation.

    a-number of dogs

    b-number of how much she earns

    c-number of times she does this



    3×5×2=30 -jane earns 30 dollars just by walking 3 dogs on the weekends.

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    it is a function if only it has one input and one output.

    and it is a relation if it has one or more output.

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    Step-by-step explanation:


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M⁸-n⁸-2m⁶n²+2n⁶m² answer that question​...