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Creative word problem for adding, subtracting, dividing, multiplying integers. 1 each.


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    John's foot is 1 meter below sea level. The sea is on low tide. If it rises by 4 meters, what is the new water level?

    The reservoir in Malaysia changes water levels every day. The average level of water is about 100 meters below. If it evaporates 69 meters of water, what is the water level?

    The temperature in Antarctica is about -87°C. If it rises to about triple times the temperature, what is the new temperature?

    If someone throws a rock 100 meters below a cliff, the rock always make a sound every 5 meters. What is the total amount of sounds the rock created?

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    (adding and subtracting only)


    Maria saved 200 dollars and then she spent 150 dollars. How much money does Maria have now?


    Saved 200 can be represented by + 200

    And is the + sign

    Spent 150 can be represented by  -150

    We get 200 + -150 and 200 + -150 = 50

    Maria has 50 dollars left.


    In a test, Ben got 9 correct and6 incorrect answers. How many items did Ben answer?


    Represent the number of correct and incorrect answers using integers.

    9 correct answers--> +9

    6 incorrect answers--> -6

    subtract the numbers

    9-(-6) = 15

    (to add numbers with different integers, add the numbers and copy the sign of the higher value)

    Ben answered 15 items in the test.

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    Focus to your goals, be positive, don't be stressed, fight to your dreams


    Hope it's help


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    Identify the goal. Before solving the problem, you need to fully understand the problem you're trying to solve. ...

    Gather data. ...

    Formulate challenge questions. ...

    Explore ideas. ...

    Come up with solutions. ...

    Create an action plan. ...

    Take action.

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    you should be creative because it is much easier when you solve a problem when youre creative. like knowing the multiplication technique in fingers.

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Creative word problem for adding, subtracting, dividing, multiplying integers. 1 each....