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What is the purpose and function of mindanao music?


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     1.) Islamic Music 

    Mindanao is one of the largest islands in the philippines. it is surronded by fourv seas, namely: Sulu sea to the west, philippine sea to the east, celebs sea to the south, and mindanao sea to the north. this is the region that has the greatest variety of development. it has mountains and vocanoes that are  complex in structure that attracts tourists.

    Mindanao consists of people with  diff. languages, tribes, and races. it also consists of the and the lumad or the indigenous groups who resisted the spanish colonization.

    what are the elements of music used in the music of mindanao?

    rhythm- fast, moderate, or slow in tempo

    timbre- head voice/falsetto (light), chest/speaking voice (throaty), guttural voice

    melody- narrow range, moderate, wide range

    harmony- major and tonality, pentatonic scale, modal

    textured- monophony, homophony, polyphony, heterophony

    form- syllabic and melismatic phrasing

    meter-   regular and irregular meter

    2.) Non-Islamic Music

    lumad is a visayan word for "native" or "indigenous". it refer to the non- christian and non-muslim ethnic groups of mindanao. the music of lumad includes a wide repertoire of sounds performed for various occasions. they also make use of a general array of musical instruments  that includes the agong.

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What is the purpose and function of mindanao music?...