Human anatomy

anatomical position

directional and regional terms

p. s please discuss your answer


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    1 conduction
    2 circumduction
    6 adduction
    8 eversion
    9medial rotation
    10 supination
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    hulaan nyo nalang po


    sana makatulong❤️

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    no one cares  hahahhah char lang bhepss

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    the anatomical position is of importance in anatomy because it is the position of reference for anatomical nomenclature

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    Anatomic position, astandard position of the body: standing erect, facing directly forward, feet pointed forward and slightly apart, and arms hanging down at the sides with palms facing forward. This position is used as a reference todescribe sites or motions of various parts of the body.
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    It would be painful of course but it wouldnt change  my description for palms and thumbs i would describe them naturally
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Human anatomyanatomical positiondirectional and regional termsp. s please discuss your answer...

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