What is the definition of french dance? ​


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    The cancan first appeared in Paris in the 1830s

    “Cancan” in French slang at the turn of the 19th century meant malicious gossip or scandal. At that time, people loved to go to balls and the last dance of the night was usually with couples, called the quadrille.


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    A dance is a series of steps and rhythmic movements which you do to music.


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    A badminton court's overall dimensions are 20 feet x 44 feet. The lines along these measurements mark the sidelines for double play and single play long service lines.The badminton net in the middle is 5 feet high.

    The net line marks the center of the court where the net is placed, creating on each side of the net a 22 feet by 20 feet of space. The short service line is marked from the center line at 6 feet 6 inches (some are marked at 7 feet). Sometimes called the Anti Volley Zone is the zone within the short service line. The Center Line is the line dividing the court into the Back Boundary Line from the Short Service Line. This outlines the Right Service Court Left.

    The Singles Side Line is labelled from the outer boundary edge 1 1/2 inches (double side line). In single and double game, the back boundary line is the same as the outermost back line on the court.  Within the Back Boundary Line, is the Long Service line for Doubles is labelled 2 1/2 inches.

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    in sports and aerobic exercises to help your body be maintained and to in depth more knowledge about new things and this enables once mind to engage in this kind of activity

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