What were you score in the emotional, social, spiritual legacy evaluation​


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    Ang nakaimbento ng badminton ay si ISAAC SPRATT at naimbento ito noong 1854

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    by being healthy with yourself also,because how can you influence others to be healthy if you yourself is not healthy.


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    Makakabuti para sa pagtaas ng kompiyansa sa sarili o pagtitiwala na kaya mo ang isang bagay makakatulong ito saiyong paligid sa pamamagitan ng pagpapakita ng kakayahan mo dito

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    What concepts of injury similar and different among the five people?

    Since no pictures or description of the five people were provided, we can only guess based on what the five people did, were they together when they got injured? were they doing the same thing? and how did they get injured? There is just no way to tell. In case they are athletes, we could probably look at the list of common injuries suffered by athletes from different sports since there are problems common to one sport and rare in another. Overuse may be the most popular because of the repetitive motion particular to certain sports.

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What were you score in the emotional, social, spiritual legacy evaluation​...