Leaming Task 4: Identify the different levels of the Philippine Physical Activity Pyramid and fill in with the recommended physical activities. Fill out the table and answer the following questions below. Write your answer in your activity notebook Saldom Two times a week Pour to size times a week Everyday


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    balance diet


    eat nutritious food and exercise

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    Exercise regularly and Eat balance diet


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    Activity 2: Be a Healthy and Fitness Expert

    The activity’s purpose was to help the student apply his/her knowledge about nutritional needs and physical fitness by the help of some materials that will also serve as a reference material for much precise suggestions and conclusion. There are three given situations of three people, that are engaging themselves in special diets that will either be helpful to their circumstance or be a burden.  

    Three examples of Teenagers:

    Jason-tennis player who also watches his weight, strict diet of bread and water Juliana-doesn’t engage herself in any sports, eats in large amounts and doesn’t have any particular goal of a diet Guia- a gymnast that carefully watches her control of food and with a desired diet to maintain her ideal weight, eats a lot of vegetables & fruits, and moderated consumption of fats, sugar and sodium.  


    Jason- it is essential for an athlete to control his/her weight, but his diet of only bread and water will definitely won’t be enough for his sport. A Tennis player requires agility, flexibility, and endurance since their equipments are much heavier than badminton. Due to this, it is best to also have meat in his diet. Juliana- even though she doesn’t have any particular sport to prepare herself from, she still needs to control her food intake. Introduce herself to a balance diet with enough vegetables, meat, and carbohydrates. It will surely benefit her.  Guia- her diet is already good for her, she also know control and what a balanced nutrition is.

    What did you consider in giving your advices and recommendations?

    In the given statement per teenager, I had come up with the suggestion while taking into consideration their own:

    Diet Role Present sport and activity

    I had also considered the Food Guide Pyramid and looked at the present tiers and their corresponding nutrition/ vitamins. And also took into account its benefits for their sports.

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    ang standing long jump ay tinatawag ding standing broad jump. ito ay isang uri ng laro kung saan magpapalayuan ng maaabot ng talon ang mga manlalaro.

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