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Couple forces keep the body in ?
(a) complete equilibrium
(b) rotational equilibrium only
(c) translational equilibrium only
(d) none
plz tell me


  • Réponse publiée par: jbaningzzz
    I think the answer would be b.
    Well couple is a system of two equal and opposite forces that produce no linear motion but provide a resultant torque.
    The mechanics is pretty easy to understand. Since the forces act in opposite directions and equal in magnitude thus they balance (cancel out) each other. But being opposite, the moment that these two forces provide will add up and result in a rotation (It is the same as opening a tap or rotating a key in a keyhole)
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    1. find the factors of 63, as much as possible one of the factors should be a perfect square.
    In that case, the factors will be 9 and 7, therefore square root of 9 times 7
    2. Get the square root of 9.
    Since the square root of 9 is 3,
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    It is a form of matter, including solid and gas. The molecules of liquid can move freely among each other.

    Explanation: Besr example of liquid is water.

  • Réponse publiée par: christiandumanon

    1: a 2:an 3: The 4:a 5: the 6:a 7:the 8: first blank x, second blank , the 9: the

    10: already answered


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    A liquid is a phase of matter.


    It follows the shape of its container.

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    oh my god that's so long i don't know the answer

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Couple forces keep the body in ? (a) complete equilibrium (b) rotational equilibrium only (c) trans...