Confucianism can be seen as a code of


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    Confucianism can be seen as a code of ethics adopted as the official religion of most of the great empires in the region since the Han Dynasty.

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    my true and only one riches is helping others and my family.


    it makes my heart melt if i dont helo othees and my family.

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    COMMUNICATION IS LIFE. One's ability to communicate can spell the difference between success or failure in all aspects of living. You will notice that those people you know who are successful in their endeavors generally have a high ability to communicate; those who are not, do not.


    Communication skills are proof about what we’re as a human. It’s about how you behave and talk with people. It’s about how you’re influencing people around you.

    For example, a professional communicator or a good person knows about the ways to communicate with the different kind of people in certain situations. They know how to talk with kids, parents, wife and family members, friends and strangers. In all these cases, it’s about respect.

    When you communicate humbly with all the people, it showcases how great you’re as a person. In which you don’t just communicate humbly for the sake of profits instead you do it because it’s your nature and character.

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Confucianism can be seen as a code of...