Compare the accounts
on the last supper
in the following passages
mt. 20: 20-30, mark. 14: 22-26
luke 22: 14-20
note : how the accounts
are similar but also
different from one ano-
ther.. me with this
i need your answers asap​


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    I will explain to them the meaning of sacraments and importance of it in their lives in a way of giving them some sort of real life situations that cannot be done without the formal use of those said sacraments.

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    I just want to ask Jesus for Christmas is to be with my family and my friends and guide us
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    yes if it states the truth

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    christmas is the important celebration in part of the christian religion...

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Compare the accountson the last supperin the following passagesmt. 20: 20-30, mark. 14: 22-26luke 22...