What are the five precepts of the catholic church with filipino translation


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    upang obserbahan ang ilang mga kapistahan.upang mapanatili ang iniresetang pag-aayuno. dumalo sa Misa tuwing Linggo at Banal na Araw.upang aminin ang mga kasalanan isang beses sa isang taon.upang makatanggap ng Banal na Komunyon sa oras ng paschal.
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    1. c
    2. d
    3. c
    4. true
    5. c
    6. c
    7. c
    8. c (false, it is mahayana tradition, not  theravada tradition)
    9. c
    10. c
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    theravada, Mahayana and Vajrayana




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    None of the above


    because all of the choices have the word "Not" to make the words meaning different

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    Not stealing


    Five foundation of morality

    1. Care





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    The first precept consists of a prohibition of killing, both humans and all animals. Scholars have interpreted Buddhist texts about the precepts as an opposition to and prohibition of capital punishment,[8] suicide, abortion[9][10] and euthanasia.[11] In practice, however, many Buddhist countries still use the death penalty. With regard to abortion, Buddhist countries take the middle ground, by condemning though not prohibiting it fully. The Buddhist attitude to violence is generally interpreted as opposing all warfare, but some scholars have raised exceptions found in later texts.

    The second precept prohibits theft and related activities such as fraud and forgery.

    The third precept refers to adultery in all its forms, and has been defined by modern teachers with terms such as sexual responsibility and long-term commitment.

    The fourth precept involves falsehood spoken or committed to by action, as well as malicious speech, harsh speech and gossip.

    The fifth precept prohibits intoxication through alcohol, drugs or other means.[12][13] Early Buddhist Texts nearly always condemn alcohol, and so do Chinese Buddhist post-canonical texts. Smoking is sometimes also included in here.

    Hope this helped :)

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    you shoul always good at communicating the other member of your churh

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    In the Catholic Church, the Precepts of the Church, sometimes called Commandments of the Church, are certain laws considered binding on the faithful. As usually understood, they are moral and ecclesiastical, broad in character and limited in number.Sanayin ang sarili na makiisa sa gawaing pangsimbahan upang masanay at makahiligan na gawin ito.. i guess..
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    Is it D. Not Cheating?
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