When is festival celebrated or observed?


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    Study Hard So that ur mom can give u allowance

    make some friends in ur school (wag plastic)

    If u have a assignments do it

    u have to prepared everyday

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    the disciples. God gave them wisdom to understand him so that they could help people

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    panginoon maraming salamat po sa lahat ng biyayang ibinigay nyo po saamin patawarin nyo po ako sa aking mga pagkakasala at gabayan nyo po ako sa lahat ng oras Amen.

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    The Impotence of having too much freedom is, breaking rules


    When we have TOO MUCH FREEDOM, people start to abuse it. After all we're only human. Too much freedom can lead to chaos, as people are free to do anything as they please. People would do things they were never allowed to do, almost everyone will be inclined to do things as they please without any consequence what-so-ever. They would become too complacent to their actions and would never think twice about doing them.

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When is festival celebrated or observed?...