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Conclusion for activity 3. stick 'n' shake
conclusion for activity 2. stick 'n' slip


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    21st Century System for Evaluating Veterans' Disability Benefits recommends improvements in the medical evaluation and rating of veterans for the benefits provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to compensate for illnesses or injuries incurred in or aggravated by military service. Compensation is a monthly cash benefit based on a rating schedule that determines the degree of disability on a scale of 0 to 100. Although a disability rating may also entitle a veteran to ancillary services, such as vocational rehabilitation and employment services, the rating schedule is out of date medically and contains ambiguous criteria and obsolete conditions and language. The current rating schedule emphasizes impairment and limitations or loss of specific body structures and functions which may not predict disability well. 21st Century System for Evaluating Veterans' Disability Benefits recommends that this schedule could be revised to include modern concepts of disability including work disability, nonwork disability, and quality of life.

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    Feel tired and all of these is about excercisr

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    In conclusion, if the emphasized key point of the sentence is performer of predicate verb, using active voice; on the other hand, if the emphasized key point of sentence is undertaker of predicate verb using passive voice is more suitable.

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    Several process in the body are coordinated by the actions of different hormones circulating inside the body. Endocrine system are regulating this different hormones and glands in coordination with the nervous system and different organ system in human body. This hormones influence the function and work of a certain organ and balance of these hormones are necessary for the homeostasis.

    Hormones may have a short term effect or have a long term effect to the targeted organ. Imbalance of these hormones would lead to certain abnormalities or dysfunctions like goiter, dwarfism, gigantism etc.

    Abnormality in the level of hormones in the body will result in some abnormality. Example, too much growth hormone would lead to gigantism and insufficient growth hormone leads to dwarfism. This idea tells us that hormone should be in normal level to avoid some problem.

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    t is comparable on what is the movement of the plate which the magma plume will find its way out. And the farther the volcano to the plume, it gets inactive as the plates move 2cm per year. The best ex of this is the Hawaiian hotspots

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    what the answer ask me for answer

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