What is tue function of each organ system​


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    there are several different types of microscopes used in light microscopy, and the four most popular types are compound, stereo, digital and the pocket or handheld microscopes. outside of light microscopy are the exciting developments with electron microscopes and in scanning probe microscopy.

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    An event in which a slab of rock thrusts into the mantle.
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    Ocular or eyepiece

    Body tube

    Draw tube





    Illuminating disk


    Objective lenses

    Stage clippers


    Revolving nosepiece

    Fine adjustment knob

    Coarse adjustment knob

    Inclined joint knob

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    this is involving a organism or living things that have to developed or need to developed because of our needed this is involving in animals things or place

    plants and specially math there have types of bio technology  Biomedical Engineer. Biochemist. Medical Scientist. Biological/Clinical Technician. Microbiologist. Process Development Scientist. Biomanufacturing Specialists. Business Development Manager.and there our based on subject


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What is tue function of each organ system​...