Bougainvillea is a plant? why?


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    Bougainvillea is a stunning flower which is favorite to many who have fallen in love with its cheery appearance and brightly colored petals. ... The symbolic meaning of bougainvillea changes from one area of the globe to another but the majority claims it stands for a sign of welcoming visitors and beauty.

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    1. 12

    2. 180

    3. 96 plants

    4. Sell it

    5. Using GCF/LCM

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    b.snake plant


    dahil ang snake o spada ay halamang ornamental di namumulaklak

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    snake plant


    dahil may ganyan po kami dito sa bahay at di po sya namumulaklak

    sana po naka tulong sa inyo

    thanks po❤

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