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What do you think should be done to avoid the accumulation of false info and myths about earthquake?


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    Educate the general public about the facts of an earthquake

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    1. answering services are nothing more than fancy voicemail.

    2. answering services use receptionists from out of the country.

    3. answering services are a waste of money.

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    Chinaol Journal2 Sana Halls

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    pm nyo lang ako


    malakas mangharot

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    sana ol may utak HUHUHnes


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    1. The Best Indicator of Intensity Level is the Heartrate Monitor

    Speaking of all the fun gadgets on the cardio machines, the heart-rate tracker is a favorite. While your heartrate is an important indicator of how intense your workout is, you might not want to put your faith in what the machine tells you.

    “The finger pulse is not as accurate as an arterial pulse, so only use the machine heart rate reading as a guide,” says Meghan Kennihan, an NASM Certified personal trainer, RRCA Certified Distance Run Coach, USATF Run Coach, USA Cycling coach and a fitness instructor. “If you want a true indicator of your intensity, wear a heart rate monitor that straps around your chest.”

    2. Egg Yolks Are Bad for You

    The delicious yellow center of eggs get a bad rap from health reports, says Mashfika Alam, a doctor with online health consultancy iCliniq, who urges that we reconsider the belief that egg yolk can cause heart disease or atherosclerosis due to its “bad cholesterol.”

    “Maybe because people only got to know the health benefits of egg yolk only recently, but egg yolk is recommended for everyone unless allergic, even people with heart disease as it is loaded with HDL which is a good cholesterol and actually counteracts the effects of bad cholesterol,” says Alam. “Hence one egg a day for everyone, unless allergic, at least five days a week is a good thing.”

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    personal opinion? or not?

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    Menstrual flow/the lining of the uterus/ovulation/endometrium?
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What do you think should be done to avoid the accumulation of false info and myths about earthquake?...