Does people love u or there using u?


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    it depends how you see them or how close u are to them  and if u realize that they are using you just dont talk to them:)


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    Yeah but it didn't happened to me it happened to my classmate a really rich boy had a crush on my classmate(Sharie) and then sharie always beg Juris for money



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    answer: it is biological different


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    water and air


    scientific name of rust is ferric oxide.

    iron is a solid, hard metallic element that is used to construct material for building houses. it boils at 2862°c. oxygen is a gaseous, nonmetallic element that we use for bouls at -183°c. when iron is exposed to the air, it reacts to oxygen. this process produce rust that boils at 1987°c.

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Does people love u or there using u?...