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How do we prevent the extinction of the animals? ​


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    To prevent extinction of animals, we should reforestate and avoid cutting trees. Also in prohibition of using dynamites in fishing.

  • Réponse publiée par: jemuelpogi

    1.Stop burning fossil fuels.

    2.Protect half the Earth's land -- and oceans.

    3.Fight illegal wildlife trafficking.

    4.Slow human population growth.

    5.Reconnect with the natural world,

    and open our eyes.

  • Réponse publiée par: kuanjunjunkuan

    To stick around and survive all these hazards, humans need to become more than competent at looking past our own biases, he said. Short-term thinking, unrealistic optimism and the search for a panacea — the Greek goddess of universal remedies — won’t ensure a thriving future.


    Reduce the burning of fossil fuels: This is underlying the obvious and cannot be stressed enough. Doing so is only going to warm the atmosphere to the point where a runaway greenhouse effect will take place, causing the overall temperature of the Earth to rise to a substantial level. This, in turn, has led to overheating of the oceans, rising of sea levels as well as the large-scale destruction of coral reefs.

    Reconnect with nature and protect the Earth’s landmasses and oceans: The latter point needs to be undertaken on a war footing. Not only have we used up more than 40% of land for raising livestock and farms, but only 15% of the land and 4% of the world’s oceans are protected. That is clearly not enough at all. Plus, only by connecting and understanding nature more deeply will we see the extinction crisis for what it truly is.

    Stand up to illegal wildlife trafficking: Animals like the tiger, rhino and elephant are being slaughtered simply because their body parts are in great demand in some parts of the world and people are willing to pay huge prices for them. Not only do the poachers need to be stopped, but most importantly, people need to stop buying these animal goods as well.

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How do we prevent the extinction of the animals? ​...