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Why does the layers of the earth is so important? ​


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    Crust protects and serves as the thin outer layer where we live.

    Mantle is where hot molten rocks takes place.

    Core: is the innermost part of the earth.

    The layers of the earth are responsible for the formation of continents.

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    To protect us from any danger coming to Earth

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    The atmosphere acts like a multi-layer shield that protects Earth from dangerous solar radiation. ... The stratospheric ozone layer absorbs ultraviolet (UV) radiation, preventing dangerous UV rays from hitting Earth's surface and harming living organisms.


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    The ozone layer functions as a shield to protect Earth's surface from the Sun's damaging ultraviolet radiation.

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    They are interconnected because each layer is compose of mostly the same elements and is just atop of each other


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Why does the layers of the earth is so important? ​...