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Argumentative essay. mobile legends should be avoide during class hours? why explain​


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    Mobile legends is one of the most addictive mobile games nowadays. This game allows players across the globe communicate with each other, they can form groups virtually and fight other groups.

    But the "should this be avoided during class" is a no-brainer question. Let us not mix things up. There is absolutely nothing wrong playing games like Mobile Legend. What makes it wrong is to actually play the game during class hours. What's the difference of playing Mobile Legend, or any thing during versus our of class hours?

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    Mobile Legends is affecting the mental health of its players, especially the students. Addiction to video games or mobile games is not just an issue of time-management. It is also a raising issue of attention and affection.

    Players who spend most of their time playing Mobile Legends and are not able to accomplish tasks on their daily routines are starting to get addicted to the game. They lose opportunities to be productive in their reality and choose to settle on a digital platform to accomplish roles which can give them more fulfillment and a sense of pride. It becomes their escape to the reality and detach to the things that bother them.

    If Mobile Legends or other mobile games are really the cause of this addiction, let’s answer the following questions:

    Is it possible that the those who’d rather spend their time on mobile games are seeing their worth in playing their roles online?Do they feel more sense of purpose as they communicate with their team mates in the game than in their families and friends?Do they feel more sense of belongingness with the people they meet online than the people they interact with in reality?Does the digital platform for mobile games show a more accepting community rather than in reality?

    What is Mobile Legends?/Ano ang Mobile Legends?


    Should playing Mobile Legends be banned in schools?


    What are the effects of playing Mobile Legends to students?/Ano ang mga epekto ng paglalaro ng Mobile Legends sa mga mag-aaral?


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Argumentative essay. mobile legends should be avoide during class hours? why explain​...