What is the function of golgi body​


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    A major function is the modifying, sorting and packaging of proteins for secretion. It is also involved in the transport of lipids around the cell, and the creation of lysosomes. The sacs or folds of the Golgi apparatus are called cisternae.
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    B. Mitochondrion: Protein Sythesis


    Mitochondria are membrane-bound cell organelles (mitochondrion, singular) that generate most of the chemical energy needed to power the cell's biochemical reactions. Chemical energy produced by the mitochondria is stored in a small molecule called adenosine triphosphate (ATP).

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    These digestive organelles are replaced in the plant with the central vacuole, which serves as a large lysosome as well as an organelle to store water. Thus, many vesicles from the Golgi bodies of plants move to the vacuole and fuse their contents with this large organelle

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What is the function of golgi body​...