Can you identify these organ system​


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    Although we learn about each organ system as a distinct entity, the functions of the body's organ systems overlap considerably, and your body could not function without the cooperation of all of its organ systems. ... The human body is composed of 11 different organ systems. These include the following: Integumentary


    body are the integumentary, muscular, skeletal, nervous, circulatory, lymphatic, respiratory, endocrine, urinary/excretory, reproductive and digestive.

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    where is the organ system.?

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    the 11 organ system of the body are the itegumentary,muscular, skeletal, nervous, circulatory, lymphatic, respiratory,endocrine

    urinary/excretory, reproductive and digestive.

    although each of your 11 organ system

    has a unique function, each organ system

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    answer:where is the organ i cant see them?


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    Here are the systems of the human body and the organs that run them

    -The Circulatory system is driven by the heart which is its main organ.

    -The Respiratory system handles the intake of air into the Lungs. It also serves as the pathway for removing carbon dioxide from the body.  

    -All the food needed to support the body enters the Digestive system which begins in the mouth and goes down towards the intestines.  

    -The waste leftover from digestion is removed by passing through the Excretory system

    -The Nervous system is a big part of how we react to our surroundings. We can sense everything through a network of nerves all over our body especially on our hands and feet. -The information gathered travels up to the brain where it is processed.  

    -The hormones which serve as a type of command to the body to react in a certain way is released from the Endocrine system.

    -The Immune system defends the body from viruses that can harm the body. If you can think of the human body as a country being protected by its navy, army, marines and air force, well the immune system works in a very similar way within our body.  

    -The Muscular system enables our muscles to move. It works in coordination with the next system as you will see.

    -The Skeletal system is the framework of the body, without it, all the normal movements we do will not be possible. All the major muscles are attached to the skeleton which makes movement possible.

    -The Integumentary system is the body’s first defense, the most visible organ which is the skin is a part of this system along with the nails, hair. Perspiration is possible because of this.

    -Sex and the creation and birth of an offspring is the job of the Reproductive system. The sex organs of both sexes fall within this system.  

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    the first photo is the respiratory organ system. the second one is the skeletal system

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    The respiratory and skeletal system

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    there are at least 5 organ system

    skeletal system

    digestive system

    circulatory system

    lympocyte system

    nerve system

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    Organ systems are parts of the body or the inner core of the body like kidneys , liver ,heart , brain, lungs,
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    Please attach the image
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